Resume Service


The only thing worse than having no resume is having a resume that is poorly prepared.  Everyone interested in obtaining a good-paying or prestige-type position knows that all the better jobs today require resume from applicants.  Modern business procedures have made the resume an essential step for any one who wishes to submit his qualifications to the prospective employer.  Few, if any, applicants succed in reaching the interview stage, unless they have a satisfactory resume.  The applicant may have excellent qualifications; however, if one  cannot state those qualifications clearly in the form of a resume, that person has little chance of obtaining an interview with a prospective employer.  It’s as simple as that: if you don’t get an interview, you can’t possibly get the job – regardless how well qualified you are.

Let us know what you need. Our rates start as low as $30.00 to type up a draft you present.  The Business Center can also present your selling point in an organized manner. In such a manner to create a power presentation.  Contact us for fees associated with power presentations.